Our Leather

Loyal to our inspiration; we try to use the vachetta leather in each collection, whether alone or combination with other leathers. The Vachetta is the heart and soul of the Tuscan leather making, it is vegetable tanned - a traditional method of tanning that requires experienced craftsmen where raw hides are placed in pits or barrels with natural tannins from tree barks, roots and flower pods and are left for around 40 days to tan creating unique pieces.


We also use other types of high quality leather; we rely heavily on printed leather, our prints are as close as could be to the orginal exotic leather and they reflect luxury in every aspect. We also using python leather – some of which is hand-colored making every bag a piece of art.


Leather care


For the bag to age gracefully, special care should be given to its precious leather:


     - Keep your bag away from water, if the leather got wet, wipe the moisture out and let it air dry in its original shape.

     - Keep your bag away from direct heat or sunlight and moisturize it with leather conditioner once a while.

     - When not in use, keep your bag safe from dust and sunlight in our cotton dust bag.

     - The vachetta leather will change with time, the finish may flatten out and marks may appear as the unique patina develops creating a character of its own; the vachetta leather needs extra care and requires constant moisturizing.